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I recently had a battery replaced at precision time - Sandy, UT... Not only did I pay for the overpriced battery, I was also suckered in by the 5 year deal and a pressure test.

45 days later, I was swimming with my watch (the watch is rated to 160 feet). After swimming I notice my watch was completely full of water! It was after-hours so I returned my watch to PT the following day. When the guy at PT inspected the watch he said "the back of the case was not seated properly", he asked if they could hold on to the watch and they would "take care of it".

At the time, the guy asked if I had paid for the 5 year deal. I answered that I had and had also paid for a "pressure test" to assure it remained waterproof. He said that was good so they would have all the information they needed.

After almost two weeks, I returned to the store to ask about my watch. The store manager (Kyle)came out with my watch - now full of rust - it had been sitting rusting for two weeks and they had not done a thing.

This guy started asking questions - of course, the same questions I had already answered. He asked when I had the battery replaced, what I was doing when it happened (the water), if I paid for the 5 year deal, etc. After asking all these questions (I was getting a little frustrated by now) he said he could not look up any information on the watch unless I had my original receipt from the battery. I asked how they track the 5 year warranty if they could not look-up the information... He said he already looked up the warranty (so he not only knew I paid for the 5 year warranty, but also when I had the battery replaced) - so dishonest... He was simply asking questions to see if he could find a way out.

I found my receipt at home (a miracle) and called Kyle with the number he "needed" to look up my information. He said he had to talk to his district manager and he would call the following day.

It is now a week later - no call - no response...

I still have some hope PT will stand by their work. Otherwise, there dishonesty (they clearly did not do a pressure test) and incompetence just cost me a $1,000 watch....

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Provo, Utah, United States #724173

We took my husband's watch to be repaired to the Precision Time kiosk in the Provo Towne Mall. They took the watch, $33.00 (which was 50% of the ballpark estimate of the cost of the repair), told us we could pick the watch up from the Provo kiosk in about ten days.

After three weeks, we received a call from their Salt Lake City location. They wanted an additional $50.00 (approximately) to be paid by credit card, or they wouldn't ship the watch back. We refused to give them the credit card number, and we've been fighting with them for almost six weeks to get the watch back. Now they've offered to send a picture of the watch to us and will accept payment in advance at the kiosk.

This is absolutely ridiculous! Please don't do business with them and save yourself a lot of frustration!


Purchased a SottoMarino watch with an extended warranty and it never worked from day 1. Thought it was a simple replacement or repair.

Spoke to numerous clowns in the company and retail store and received nothing but broken promises and unreturned phone calls.

Have yet to get a replacemnt or refund. Stay far far away....


update... They were unable to repair the watch (as expected).

They offered me a watch from thier inventory or a check. I opted for the check.

Although I believe it is less than the value of the watch. I was heppy to get something and move on...


air pressure testing and water pressure testing are in fact similiar enough to ensure the water resistance of a watch. watch cases are rated to withstand a certain amount of pressure on their casing so a 50 meter water resistant casing can withstand pressure rating at an average depth of 50 meters.

what air test do is mimick that amount of pressure so if there is a leak within the casing a senor sitting usually on the top of the watch will pick up the expansion of the watch case.

The problem here however is not that a pressure test is a joke but rather it was never done on the watch.if the casing of the watch was not sitting right it would have never passed the testand is the associate who worked on the watch was trained correctly they would have tested the watch at the correct pressure setting.I dont believe you misinformed about anything however I do believe that the guy working on your watch was not properly trained or experienced and the customer service sounds horrendous. I have personally worked on watches before and although i do not consider myself a pro it sounds like they have an idea of what theyre doing just not nearly enough training or follow through with customer issues


unowho - thank you for the info... What is the point of doing the pressure test if it does not insure water resistance/proof?

Just an update...

I was told they need to order a part to fix my watch and this would take two weeks...

It is now three weeks later. It looks like this will be a long process.


They do pressure test the watch...but it is an air pressure test and the watch would only be tested at 1 bar. For you this means that the test wouldn't guarantee it in water because air pressure testing is much different than water. In fact it wouldnt surprise me to hear that they excuse themselves from liability by saying the watch isnt rated to swim in. The solution to this would be to get a letter form the manufacturer and go to the BBB or the district attorney consumer fraud division.

One thing to note about this type of testing is the ends that "watch techs" will go to make sure the watch passes. Everything from sealing the crown with a cheap silicone lube to using tacky adhesive to make up for the seal on the back.

They clearly didnt address this when you brought it into the store if the watch rusted out. That in itself should be reason for them to make it right but this company has a noted track record of denying wrong doing as a way of avoiding expense.

Good luck to you.

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