I bought a Diesel watch that was stated to have a "lifetime" warranty. I had it for less than 30 days and the stem and crown broke. I brought it back in and the told me that the stem and crown is not covered and the repair would cost, "no more than $50". They sent it to their service center. I got a call and they informed me to fix it, it would be another $80. I complained and they said that they would cover the cost but it would take 3-6 weeks for the repair!!!

I got the watch back about 30 days later and it was a slightly different looking watch (I assumed they gave me a replacement) but looked fine. Before I got home, the digital readout stopped working. I went in the next day and they "fixed" it. That night I noticed the stem and crown were broken!

When I went back and talked to the manager, he informed me that I now had to deal with the service center. I asked for a replacement. The manager was very direct and short and said, "There is no way you're going to leave here with a new watch".

When I explained to him that the watch was defective and showed him photographic evidence that the watch was different. He accused me of having pulled on the stem too hard and denied that the watch was switched although the photographic evidence clearly showed it as a different watch. He said all he could do was call the service center for me.

So I now have a $300 piece of junk watch with a broken stem.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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